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Featured Tutors
  ̃S$20 Featured
Christopher Lum
English, H1 GP, History, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, H2 Economics, H2 Physics, Science

Having graduated from Hwa Chong Institution, I am very familiar with the academic requirements for the O Level/'IP' track as well as the A-Level track. Also, being in a highly competitive environment has taught me what learning styles may or ...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Reuben Lim
Principles of Accounting, H2 Principles of Accounting

1. No. 1 POA author in Singapore - written and edited over 10 POA guide books, including TYS. 2. Current polytechnic lecturer in Accounts. 3. Bilingual, friendly and able to explain difficult concepts easily, 4. Have exam notes and tips to share.

  ̃S$30 Featured
Nur Faizaa Abdul Rahim
English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Combined Science, Principles of Accounting, Upper Pr. English, Upper Pr. Mathematics, Upper Pr. Science

'I have always felt positive about online tutoring as I am technologically inclined. I am excited to use this platform and the tools provided in my teaching. I believe this can enhance my tutoring sessions as well as benefit the students greatly! I a...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Aason Than
Mathematics, Combined Science, Geography, Science

Gave part-time tuition for 6 years and counting. Always making sure that students understand the mechanism behind the theories with real-life examples to make it much more relatable and easier to understand.

  ̃S$25 Featured
Daphne Ng
Science, Chemistry, Combined Science (Chemistry), Combined Science (Physics), Physics

I am an ex-MOE teacher with 8 years of experience teaching in a local secondary school. I am NIE trained (PGDE Secondary) with expertise in lower secondary science, chemistry and physics. I have more than 10 years of experience as a private tutor.

  ̃S$20 Featured
Sylvia Tan
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Combined Science

Hello! Students like my patience and easy-to-understand explanations. Ex-MOE teacher, 10 yrs experience. Study and exam tips. On Facebook, search for "Simply Science with Sylvia - Tuition" to see how I can make science and mathematics simple for yo...

  ̃S$30 Featured
Andrea Seoh
Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Upper Pr. Mathematics

I'm an ex-MOE teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience. In the past decade, I've taught more than 700+ students. Typically, students gain 2-3 grade improvement in a couple of months under my tutelage. I will describe myself as an...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Chee Li Boon
Chinese, Literature in Chinese, H2 China Studies in Chinese, H3 Chinese Language & Literature, H1 General Studies in Chinese, Upper Pr. Chinese

'I believe in self-directed learning. With the powerful features in this platform that can leverage your (your child) learning, I am sure that you (your child) can succeed. 我所运用的是一套能够加强你的自学能力的学习方法。我相信唯有培养了你的自学能力,你才会有动力和自信去面对未来。以后,就算没有上我的课, 你依然掌握了...

  ̃S$10 Featured
Muhammad Nur Hisyam Hussain
Physics, Combined Science (Physics), Upper Pr. Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics (Standard level), Chemistry, Combined Science (Chemistry)

I do not think a tutor turns off after the lesson and I always allow my students to contact me after lessons for any of their problems (even other subjects and I will assist when I can). Even if I am unable to assist immediately, I will always get ba...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Cheng Cheng Ng
Mathematics, Principles of Accounting

I have been coaching some low-income family kids for the last few years. My passion is to guide the academically weak students so that they can enjoy their learning journey. The following are the subjects I teach: S1 & 2 Mathematics S3 & 4 Normal ...

  ̃S$20 Featured
Harvey Mercado
English, History, Combined humanities, Biology, Upper Pr. Science, Upper Pr. English, Upper Pr. Mathematics, H1 History, H2 History, History (Standard level)

As a current student, the best teachers are the ones who are approachable! The best teachers are the ones who make their lessons come alive and be able to relate those questions and answers to you! Not the ones who are teaching for the sake of teach...

  ̃S$30 Featured
Daniel Chow

I was a school teacher in a SAP school and have been teaching Physics for more than 12 years and author of "The Cannot Summarised Any Further Physics Handbook". I also took a route less travelled by teaching IGCSE Physics in an international schoo...

  ̃S$18 Featured
Leanne Tan
Mathematics, H1 Mathematics, H2 Mathematics, Geography, H1 Geography, H2 Geography, Economics, H2 Economics, H1 Economics, Chemistry

I am a graduate of Raffles Institution with As in all subjects (H2 Mathematics, H2 Economics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Geography, H1 General Paper) and I am very familiar with the A Level syllabus. I am currently an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College. I have...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bakhtiar
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science

I am full-time tutor with more than 3 years tutoring experience in Secondary schools. I believe good communication is imperative in facilitating students' understanding as well as guidance so that students know the steps they need to address the...

  ̃S$30 Featured
Andre Chia
Mathematics, Science, Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics

I have a passion to guide students and see tremendous improvements in their grades!

  ̃S$30 Featured
Joelle Koh
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics

'I’m a MOE trained Math teacher who has taught in secondary schools for the last 7 years. I have teaching experience of more than 10 years. My students known me for my positivity, patience and clarity in explanation. I expose students with the top 10...

  ̃S$35 Featured
Brandon Chung
English, Literature in English, History, Combined Humanities (Literature in English)

I'm an easygoing, reasonably articulate and passionate individual about the subjects I focus on. To get across points, I prefer the usage of simple terms or metaphors which aid in helping students visualise what I need them to understand.

  ̃S$20 Featured
Nitya Iyer

A good tutor needs to establish a good rapport with the students. I believe that students learn faster when the tutor enjoys the job and has a good sense of humor. My ultimate goal is to help students become an independent learner. I am patient and f...

  ̃S$20 Featured
Adeline Tang
English, Literature in English

An experienced school teacher and home tutor for more than 10 years, my strength is to work with students following closely the school syllabus and focusing on their weaknesses and bringing out their strengths.

  ̃S$10 Featured
Alysia Tan
Science, English, Mathematics, H2 Biology, H2 Mathematics, H2 Chemistry, Additional Mathematics

I am a female student who graduated from Hwa Chong Institution (College) under the Integrated Program, and am currently in my 2nd year at Yale-NUS College. I have been teaching as a paid-tutor since 2015 with students from Tanjong Katong Girls' S...

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“When my children learn at home, I can monitor whether the tutors are good and track the progress of my children. Booking can be easily done on my handphone too!”
Geraldine Loe
“The tutors here are very friendly and very engaging. They will try their best to make sure you understand the concepts”
Candice Chen
JC Student
“It is convenient as it can be done in the comforts of your home. teachnlearn also made tuition more comfortable as it helps to reduce the awkwardness of one to one lessons. Furthermore, the whiteboard allows learning online to be made easier as references can be uploaded.”
Charlene Lim
Sec 4 Student
“I just received my results. My Chinese subject from a C6 to B3! Woohoo! Thank you for this platform, it has been a great help!”
Angel C.
Sec 4 Student
“Ever since i found out about teachnlearn, I am starting to understand my subjects more with the help of their kind and patient tutors who explain clearly so I can understand!! It is really convenient as well because the timings are really flexible so i can book easily whenever I want !! I am really satisfied with their tuition services so far and really recommend it ☺”
Christabelle Tan
Sec 4 Student
“Bookings of lesson has never been easier. I can schedule using the teachnlearn calendar on my smartphone. On top of that, I do not have to worry about rushing to the next class when all the classes can be done online. The online interactive whiteboard allows me to teach and my student to learn in a creative way. The face of education has definitely changed with the help of technology and teachnlearn 's one of a kind platform.”
teachnlearn fills the gaps for my children's learning needs. I believe this can truly help them learn more effectively.”
Mrs. Siow
“I have always wanted to be a tutor but never had the opportunity to do so due to many reasons (busy schedule, not sure where to find tutees etc.) However, after chancing upon teachnlearn, the platform is very user-friendly and great to use! For first timers like me, it opened me to the world of teaching. Tutoring, made easy and fuss-free by teachnlearn, has allowed me to a pool of students eager to learn. I think the passion from both tutors and tutees is what makes the platform so different from traditional tutoring.”
Leanne L.
“An innovative platform that helps students and tutors communicate efficiently from anywhere in the world without compromising the quality of education. Beneficial for students and tutors alike!”
Ashley Tay
JC Student
teachnlearn has helped me to gain new viewpoints from tutors with different backgrounds. The tutors were very friendly and fascilitated engaging lessons.”
Darren Lim
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn has helped me a lot by providing easy access to a wide range of tutors consisting of many subjects. They have helped me a lot and would consider continuing using the service.”
Russell Ong
Sec 4 Student
“The thought of teaching anywhere at anytime is pretty amazing, isn't it? I actually taught on a recent holiday! teachnlearn platform has made tutoring online a breeze. The team is a friendly and supportive lot. Thank you!”
Ms. Andrea S.
“The tutors on teachnlearn are so helpful in guiding me in my revision. I feel more confident after learning from them. I will definitely continue using teachnlearn and even introduce it to my friends!”
Nur Qistina
Sec 5 Student
teachnlearn has a wide range of helpful tutors with flexible schedules that match mine, such that tuition online could be carried out very conveniently and fuss-free. Such flexibility played a great deal in enriching my studies as I could easily turn to tutors on teachnlearn to clear my doubts without having to return to school, especially on weekends. Navigation about the webpage was also very user-friendly. Through teachnlearn, I was able to have tuition in a more efficient manner, receiving help more quickly.”
Jeslyn Low
JC Student
teachnlearn is very convenient as it’s done online and the whiteboard is a great feature for tutors and tutees!”
Jolyn Chan
teachnlearn helps me to have access to tuition in the comfort of my home. I don't have to travel out for tuition now. It gives me flexibility with tutoring times. I would definitely recommend to my friends.”
Nicholas Wong
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn has provided me with the ease of access to home tuition at my personal flexibility of time without having to worry about clashes. The tutors are also extremely kind and efficient.”
Eddy Sim
JC Student
“Saves time as we only need to turn on the computer and log on to the website as compared to traveling to tuition.”
Sec 4 Student
“The interactive whiteboard is very useful to aid teaching -- the flexibility of the use of whiteboard makes it easy to organise concepts in an effective manner like that of a mind map or to annotate text.”
Khor Eng Yeow
JC Student
“There are always things I don't understand in class and I rarely have the time to go and look for the teachers after school, teachnlearn really benefitted me as I can ask questions while I'm at home”
Lu Yee
Sec 4 Student
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