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Featured Tutors
$25 Featured
Ng Cheng Cheng
Mathematics, Principles of Accounts

I have been coaching some low-income family kids for the last few years. My passion is to guide the academically weak students so that they can enjoy their learning journey. The following are the subjects I teach: Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.

$30 Featured
Nur Faizaa Abdul Rahim
English, Mathematics, Science, Principles of Accounting

I have always felt positive about online tutoring as I am technologically inclined. I am excited to use this platform and the tools provided in my teaching. I believe this can enhance my tutoring sessions as well as benefit the students greatly!

$25 Featured
Chee Li Boon
Chinese, H3 Chinese, Chinese Literature

I believe in self-directed learning. With the powerful features in this platform that can leverage your learning, I am sure that you can succeed. 我所运用的是一套能够加强你的自学能力的学习方法。我相信唯有培养了你的自学能力,你才会有动力和自信去面对未来。以后,就算没有上我的课, 你依然掌握了一套有效的学习方法!!

$18 Featured
Lai Zi Ying
Mathematics, Chinese, A Maths

With a strong passion for Mathematics, I am confident that students will be able to grasp concepts with ease under my tutelage. I am well-equipped in spotting tedious questions quickly and using the shortest method possible to solve different questions.

$25 Featured
Andre Chia
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry

I have a passion to guide students and have seen tremendous improvements in my students’ grades!

$20 Featured
Alice Ng

I have more than 10 years of experience in tutoring English. I strive to make learning an enjoyable experience for my students. I work with them to build a strong foundation in English. As a result, my students achieved good PSLE grades.

$25 Featured
Eunice Chan

To help my students understand concepts, I use a variety of aids including videos, diagrams/drawings and notes, and I also ask questions to check their understanding.

$20 Featured
Daphne Ng

I am an ex-MOE teacher with 8 years of experience teaching in a local secondary school. I am NIE trained (PGDE Secondary) with expertise in lower secondary science, chemistry and physics. I have more than 10 years of experience as a private tutor.

$20 Featured
Harvey Mercado
English, Mathematics, History, Combined Humanities, Biology

The best teachers are those who make their lessons come alive, with the ability to relate to questions and answers. I ensure that my students leave each session learning something new! Having tutored for 8 years, I will inject fun into learning!

$25 Featured
Sylvia Tan
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Combined Science

Hello! Do you find chemistry, physics and maths tough? Let me help you with them. Students describe my lessons as fun and they say I'm patient. Ex-MOE teacher, 10 yrs experience.

$28 Featured
Daniel Chow

I was a school teacher in a SAP school and have been teaching Physics for more than 12 years and author of "The Cannot Summarised Any Further Physics Handbook".

$20 Featured
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bakhtiar
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science

I am a full-time tutor with more than 3 years of experience. I believe good communication is imperative in facilitating students' understanding as well as guidance so that they know the steps to address the problems.

$30 Featured
Andrea Seoh
Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science

I'm an ex-MOE teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience. In the past decade, I've taught more than 700+ students. Typically, students gain 2-3 grade improvement in a couple of months under my tutelage.

$25 Featured