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Featured Tutors
  ̃S$25 Featured
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bakhtiar
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science

I am full-time tutor with more than 3 years tutoring experience in Secondary schools. I believe good communication is imperative in facilitating students' understanding as well as guidance so that students know the steps they need to address the...

  ̃S$30 Featured
Andrea Seoh
Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Upper Pr. Mathematics

I'm an ex-MOE teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. In the past decade, I've taught more than 700+ students. Typically, students gain 2-3 grade improvement in a couple of months under my tutelage. I will describe myself as an engaging...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Daphne Ng
Science, Chemistry, Combined Science (Chemistry), Combined Science (Physics), Physics

I am an ex-MOE teacher with 8 years of experience teaching in a local secondary school. I am NIE trained (PGDE Secondary) with expertise in lower secondary science, chemistry and physics. I have more than 10 years of experience as a private tutor.

  ̃S$20 Featured
Michael Lo

I am a NIE-trained school teacher who taught Cambridge O Level Physics in neighborhood school for 3 years and Cambridge IGCSE Physics in international school for another 3 years plus 2 years of tutoring has enable me to produce academic results which...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Mavis Chan
H2 Mathematics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Biology, H2 Economics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Mathematics

As an ex-student, I am familiar with the different learning styles and the useful methods of learning. Not only will students receive detailed explanations on concepts, they can also expect to bring home concise summary sheets for the concepts learnt...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Reuben Lim
Principles of Accounting, H2 Principles of Accounting

1. No. 1 POA author in Singapore - written and edited over 10 POA guide books, including TYS. 2. Current polytechnic lecturer in Accounts. 3. Bilingual, friendly and able to explain difficult concepts easily, 4. Have exam notes and tips to share.

  ̃S$25 Featured
Cher Kuan Thio

A Physics teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience that covered both IP and O-Level Physics. I believe in getting fundamental conceptual understanding right FIRST, then formulae application and mathematical calculation will flow natura...

  ̃S$15 Featured
Samantha Loke

Engaging, encouraging and experienced - these are the 3 Es that describe the kind of tutor I am :) Having had experience in private tutoring, tuition centres and an international school, I am familiar with students from a variety of backgrounds and ...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Aason Than
Mathematics, Combined Science, Geography, Science

Gave part-time tuition for 6 years and counting. Always making sure that students understand the mechanism behind the theories with real-life examples to make it much more relatable and easier to understand.

  ̃S$20 Featured
Christopher Lum
English, H1 GP, History, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, H2 Economics, H2 Physics, Science

Having graduated from Hwa Chong Institution, I am very familiar with the academic requirements for the O Level/'IP' track as well as the A-Level track. Also, being in a highly competitive environment has taught me what learning styles may or ...

  ̃S$20 Featured
Melody Ching
Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, H1 Mathematics

I have a wealth of experience tutoring students one on one. My explanations are clear and effective. Maths is my specialty and have been tutoring it for over 9 years.

  ̃S$15 Featured
Leanne Tan
Mathematics, H1 Mathematics, H2 Mathematics, Geography, H1 Geography, H2 Geography, Economics, H2 Economics, H1 Economics, Chemistry

I am a graduate of Raffles Institution with As in all subjects (H2 Mathematics, H2 Economics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Geography, H1 General Paper) and I am very familiar with the A Level syllabus. I am currently an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College. I have...

  ̃S$20 Featured
Harvey Mercado
English, History, Combined humanities, Biology, Upper Pr. Science, Upper Pr. English, Upper Pr. Mathematics, H1 History, H2 History, History (Standard level)

As a current student, the best teachers are the ones who are approachable! The best teachers are the ones who make their lessons come alive and be able to relate those questions and answers to you! Not the ones who are teaching for the sake of teach...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Helena Huang
H1 GP, H1 Literature in English, H2 Literature in English, Literature in English, English

I have been teaching English, Literature and General Paper since 2007. In addition, I also teach and prepare students for international English certifications such as IELTS and TOEFL. My record includes students from ACS (Independent), MGS, JJC, PJ...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Cheng Cheng Ng
Mathematics, Principles of Accounting

I have been coaching some low-income family kids for the last few years. My passion is to guide the academically weak students so that they can enjoy their learning journey. The following are the subjects I teach: S1 & 2 Mathematics S3 & 4 Normal ...

  ̃S$35 Featured
Brandon Chung
English, Literature in English, History, Combined Humanities (Literature in English)

I'm an easygoing, reasonably articulate and passionate individual about the subjects I focus on. To get across points, I prefer the usage of simple terms or metaphors which aid in helping students visualise what I need them to understand.

  ̃S$10 Featured
Joseline Yu
English, Literature in English, Oral English, Upper Pr. English, Combined Humanities (Literature in English)

I'm dedicated to helping students overcome their challenges in mastering the English language. I design examples and exercises based on my students' interests to show the relevance and application of what they're learning. I teach at a pa...

  ̃S$20 Featured
Alice Ng

I have more than 10 years of experience in tutoring English. I strive to make learning an enjoyable experience for my students. I work with them to build a strong foundation in English. As a result, my students achieved good PSLE grades. Besides te...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Mrs Moey
Chinese, Literature in Chinese, H2 China Studies in Chinese, H3 Chinese Language & Literature, H1 General Studies in Chinese, Upper Pr. Chinese

'I believe in self-directed learning. With the powerful features in this platform that can leverage your (your child) learning, I am sure that you (your child) can succeed. 我所运用的是一套能够加强你的自学能力的学习方法。我相信唯有培养了你的自学能力,你才会有动力和自信去面对未来。以后,就算没有上我的课, 你依然掌握了...

  ̃S$25 Featured
Tim Tham

I am an ex-MOE teacher with more than 8 years of experience in coaching students in Maths. My style of teaching involves breaking down concepts into bite-sized chunks for students to understand better.

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“It is so easy to use. I don’t need to go out for my tuition now!”
Heng Yee
Sec 1 Student
“I tried teachnlearn and I really like it as the tuition hours are flexible and I can do it at home. I can also find different tutors on the website”
Yeo Wen Xin
Sec 4 Student
“The tutors on teachnlearn are so helpful in guiding me in my revision. I feel more confident after learning from them. I will definitely continue using teachnlearn and even introduce it to my friends!”
Nur Qistina
Sec 5 Student
teachnlearn has helped me to clarify the doubts I had about H1 Physics as a whole. With a range of tutors with the utmost knowledge and professionalism, they have helped me in preparing for the upcoming examinations.”
Krystine Wong
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn is convienient to use as it is an online platform for tuition. The tutors are friendly as well and I managed to clear my doubts with them. It was easy to book appointments as well!”
Alice Shi
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn has provided me with the ease of access to home tuition at my personal flexibility of time without having to worry about clashes. The tutors are also extremely kind and efficient.”
Eddy Sim
JC Student
teachnlearn helps me to have access to tuition in the comfort of my home. I don't have to travel out for tuition now. It gives me flexibility with tutoring times. I would definitely recommend to my friends.”
Nicholas Wong
Sec 4 Student
“Saves time as we only need to turn on the computer and log on to the website as compared to traveling to tuition.”
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn is an excellent online tutoring platform that enable me to have my tuition lessons in the comfort of my house, without having to face the "awkward" moments with your tutor in real life. Hence, I definitely prefer teachnlearn to other tutoring services.”
Bryson Seow
Sec 4 Student
“I just received my results. My Chinese subject from a C6 to B3! Woohoo! Thank you for this platform, it has been a great help!”
Angel C.
Sec 4 Student
“I have always wanted to be a tutor but never had the opportunity to do so due to many reasons (busy schedule, not sure where to find tutees etc.) However, after chancing upon teachnlearn, the platform is very user-friendly and great to use! For first timers like me, it opened me to the world of teaching. Tutoring, made easy and fuss-free by teachnlearn, has allowed me to a pool of students eager to learn. I think the passion from both tutors and tutees is what makes the platform so different from traditional tutoring.”
Leanne L.
“Language, being a daily communication tool, carries the power to stimulate emotion. Therefore it is essential to use the right word to teach and encourage our students. teachnlearn is a great platform that utilises technology to enhance communication and learning.”
Lance Ho
teachnlearn has made me to actually look forward to tuition. Online tuition classes seems to pass really quick and also i am able to grasp a lot of content quickly and clear up my misunderstandings. Tuition 1 to 1 has also allowed to better understand my concepts. I learned a lot from the sessions i been to. Also, I am able to save travelling time and fees. This has helped me greatly as i am able to study/have tuition while at home.”
Tay Wan Ni
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn provides students a platform for additional tutoring from anywhere around Singapore. It is easy to use and very convenient”
Carol Chen
JC Student
“I feel that having tuition online on teachnlearn is extremely convenient and as well as having it online makes me more eager to have tuition classes because it is cool!”
Andre Mangahas
Sec 4 Student
“There are always things I don't understand in class and I rarely have the time to go and look for the teachers after school, teachnlearn really benefitted me as I can ask questions while I'm at home”
Lu Yee
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn fills the gaps for my children's learning needs. I believe this can truly help them learn more effectively.”
Mrs. Siow
teachnlearn is the most innovative tutoring platform in Singapore.”
Ethan L.
“It is convenient as it can be done in the comforts of your home. teachnlearn also made tuition more comfortable as it helps to reduce the awkwardness of one to one lessons. Furthermore, the whiteboard allows learning online to be made easier as references can be uploaded.”
Charlene Lim
Sec 4 Student
teachnlearn allows me to continue my work even when I am overseas. It's so much more convenient having my classes conducted online! I don't have to travel to and from locations anymore!”
Ms. Amy
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