Tuition Anytime, Anywhere (Featured On Channel NewsAsia)

Follow Mrs. Goh’s story in using live online tuition to supplement her daughter’s learning journey. You can check out the article on Channel NewsAsia here, or read a snippet of the article here.

Thank you Channel NewsAsia for sharing our vision with the world!

With less than two months to the PSLE and her daughter needing a little extra help with her mathematics, parent KH Goh thought she would try something different.

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How To Overcome Your Concerns of eLearning

Technology is growing at an alarming rate.

Did you know?

The Global eLearning Market is expected to reach a staggering value of $275.10 billion by 2022 from only $165.21 billion in 2015. According to Reuters, that is a yearly growth of 7.5%!

If you need a comparison, the Global eLearning Market is worth almost as much as New Zealand’s GDP (nominal) in 2015!

The key factors that attributes to this growth are flexibility in learning, low cost, easy accessibility and increased effectiveness by animated learning. Moreover, escalation in number of internet users and growing access to broadband along with mobile smartphones are also fuelling the market growth.

With concerns about the safety and effectiveness of e-learning, we are here address those concerns and hopefully get you to join in the e-learning bandwagon!

Here are a few tips to help you get over that anxiety:

Do your research

“We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we think we know about the unknown” – Teal Swan

A few years ago, I went backpacking across Eastern Europe. But just months before that, the idea of travelling in that region terrified me as I was fed with stories of pickpocketing, tourist scams and kidnapping.

Being the skeptic I am, I decided to Google about those countries. To my surprise, I found thousands of gorgeous photos and beautiful stories that drowned out my fears. Eastern Europe is not only scenic, it is also super affordable! Within minutes, I booked my flight out.

Unfortunately, e-learning shares many similar negative sentiments. Many people have concerns that e-learning is not as effective as traditional classrooms and deemed it a waste of money. Some even think that it is a front used to scam people! Yikes!

Stay with me, I wish to put those worries to rest. E-learning IS a great way to learn for all ages. All it takes is a bit of research to overcome your worries!

Here are some articles to validate e-learning:

Reach out to friends & family who are familiar with e-learning

Great! Now that you have done some research, you can move onto the next stage – reaching out to friends and family.

It is a great way to answer the many questions or overcome the initial anxiety. Success stories from someone you trust will also give you the confidence to try something new! Do ask about their experiences as well as the kind of e-learning platforms that they use. Your children can benefit from the same e-learning experience as they do!

Take the first step

The first step you can take is the willingness to give e-learning a try. At this point, you are already equipped with the knowledge you need on e-learning and some of your friends have assured you that it is safe.

If you have scrolled through Youtube tutorial videos and found it easy to learn, you would be pleased to know that e-learning provides a similar experience. Perhaps before getting your kids to try live tuition classes online, why not take the first step by trying courses on sites like Udemy for yourself?

Believe it or not, I have purchased over 10 courses on Udemy to help me with my work and I have not regretted a single one. At anytime, I can view and replay the video lessons making it incredibly convenient! teachnlearn provides the same replay function for all the live classes that your child takes on our platform, which will be great for revision.

Still hesitant? Why not search for ongoing promotions that would significantly reduce your anxiety? teachnlearn is currently running a 50% discount on your first class to help you get started.

Stay consistent

Unlike traditional classrooms, e-learning gives you the flexibility to organise your own time. Personally, I prefer studying at night, but if I were to go for regular classes, that would not be possible. The effectiveness of e-learning’s largely depends on one’s own initiative and consistency, which can be a disadvantage if one is not motivated.

“It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill” – Malcolm Gladwell

I am not asking you to sit through 10,000 hours of classes, although that would guarantee you master a skill. Similar to traditional classroom, anything you learn requires repetition for retention or usefulness. So, if you think that e-learning is an easy solution to mastering a subject and skill, you will be disappointed. Success only comes through discipline, repetition and hard work.

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BBC Earth Lab – Tech devices are good for toddlers?

There have always been controversies regarding technology affecting kids in a negative way.

Whether it is exposure to radiation or unsafe content on the internet, most parents are wary of their children using technology. There is certainty wisdom in that.

What we are curious about is whether there are real benefits technology can bring to children, other than occupying their time while we scramble to finish a meal. 

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Study Tips: What Is Your Learning Style?

Did you know that different people have different learning styles, even from a young age?

Haven’t noticed?

Well, think back to the times when you were studying with your friends. You may recall some of your friends reading out loud, drawing mind maps, tuning in to the Top 40s, quizzing each other, etc… the list goes on.

These are great ways to help learning, but they might not be the right fit for you!

Here are the 3 common learning styles. Can you identify which is yours?

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Parenting Tips: Why Hobbies Are Important For Development In Children

We all want the best for our children, and we go to great lengths to achieve this.

Unfortunately, there is a no “one-size fits all” guide to raising children so it can be arduous in determining what is right for them. Before we know it, we may be pushing too much of our expectations on our children which can be unhealthy.

Here are some pointers to help develop your child’s interest and hobbies, not just studies!

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Study Tips: 3 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Ace That Test!

Private Tutoring vs Classroom Learning: The Story Of Benjamin S. Bloom’s Research

In the 1980s, Benjamin S. Bloom, a professor of education, and his doctorate students were on a quest to solve the riddle.

“Can students taught in a group, be able to achieve as much as a student taught in a tutoring environment?”

“Tutoring” was defined as a learning environment where students “learn the subject matter with a good tutor for each student, or for two or three students simultaneously” by his doctoral students, Anania (1981) and Burke (1983) in their respective comparative studies.

In the studies conducted by Professor Bloom’s students, the group of students that was tutored achieved more than students who weren’t.

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Parenting Tips: 5 Things We Can Learn From Japanese Parenting

Japanese children are known to be one of the most independent and well-mannered in the world. It’s possibly every parents dream to have kids who are able to take care of themselves. In Japan, that dream is a normal occurrence.

Japanese parents seem to have found the secret formula to raising their kids well. Here are 5 traits we can learn from them!

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4 Reasons Why Online Tutoring With Us Will Save You Time And Money | Singapore

Welcome back from your holidays!

The schooling season has started once again and everyone is scurrying to prepare for the year ahead.

Whether you’re a parent or a student, finding the right tuition classes can be a daunting task. I too have been at that impasse many times before.

In the past, we would have to search for tuition manually through friends or find their printed ads. Even then, there is still not enough information to discern if the classes are any good

Fortunately, times have changed! As there are sites to compare accommodation online, there are also sites like teachnlearn where you can source for online tutors from the comforts of your home.

Hence, here are 4 reasons why teachnlearn should be your main choice for online tutoring in 2019!

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On The Art of Expression: The Merits of Creative Writing (English)

Most people find no pleasure in writing.

For many, the casual flow of oral conversation seems to elude them once they are tasked with taking thought to pen and paper (or keyboard really, in this day and age). They associate writing with the tedious rigour of academia or the informal and abbreviated conversations online. Thus they express themselves adequately at best and crudely at worst. Read more “On The Art of Expression: The Merits of Creative Writing (English)”