The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 3)

Strategizing for Success (Maths)

I had shared on my journey as a student and my exam preparations strategies. In this post, I will share more on the “O” Level format and the strategies I used to score my distinction.

According to Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), there are 2 papers to the Mathematics exam. Paper 1 has 25 compulsory short answer questions. On the other hand, Paper 2 has 10 or 11 compulsory questions to be completed in 2hours 30mins. These questions will be more complexed as compared to Paper 1. Both papers will have formula list provided and calculators are allowed during the exams. Both papers will have a weightage of 50% of the marks scored.

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The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 2)

Practice Makes Perfect (Maths)

Mathematics is a subject you can score well if you practice A LOT. Before you start your practice, you would need to understand the basics of Maths first. Topics such as BODMAS and arithmetic will allow you to understand the elementary rules of Mathematics and apply to more complex topics such as algebra, graphs, differentiation, integration etc. Therefore, improving on Mathematics is a progressive thing whereby the simpler topics will be building blocks for future topics. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 2)”

Determine Your Learning Style

It is fair to say that everyone has his or her own learning styles. These learning styles have more influence than you may realise; They act as a guide when you study, affecting recollection of memory and internalising knowledge. By recognising these styles, many are able to understand themselves and find study techniques that best suit their behaviours and habits. This improves an individual’s speed and quality of learning, maximising his or her learning capabilities. Isn’t it great to know what learning style you prefer? Stay tune to find out what study methods suit you best after finding out your respective learning styles!

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The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 1)

For the Love of Maths

Mathematics is a subject that students either love or hate. In my opinion, this subject is the cornerstone for every student’s education. Having a foundation in Maths is vital to progress in the education level such as in JC, Poly, ITE and university. Whatever you study or do in future, Maths concepts will be needed. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 1)”

Removing Distraction Does Not Equate Increased Engagement for Your Child

Several years ago when I was a Subject Head of Physical Education (PE), we were spear-heading a pilot test to be offered as a new examination subject for the GCE ‘O’ Levels in Singapore. I recall discussing with my colleagues an incident that shows how learning and engagement must be seen in a broader perspective i.e. subjects like PE, Art, Design & Technology, should not be seen as ‘filler’ subjects that are of lesser importance; rather as complementary portions of the total curriculum that nurtures the whole child. Read more “Removing Distraction Does Not Equate Increased Engagement for Your Child”