What To Eat To Boost Your Brain Power

The exam period is upon us! This is the final lap for all your revisions before you go for the exams. However, what you eat during this period is as important as studying hard and smart. Eating smart will allow you to process the knowledge that you have read. The brain food we recommend will help you achieve a breakthrough during your revision and examination performance.

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A Student’s Perspective on Online Tuition

I recently graduated from junior college. Throughout my days as a student, I have never utilised tuition to aid my studies as I disliked having to commit to a fixed regular session and commuting to another location weekly. Rather I preferred studying by myself as this gives me greater flexibility and saves time. When I had anything to clarify, I booked consultation slots with my tutors or sought help from my peers. Read more “A Student’s Perspective on Online Tuition”

Optimize Your Learning Style

As a continuation of the previous post on “What Kind of Learner Are You?” which we discussed on the 3 types of learners: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, we share more in this infographic post on how to unleash your potential from the style of learning that you possess.

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How to Improve Your Child’s Learning In Maths

How often does your child read a Math question and end up in a scenario like below?

If you noticed that your child is having difficulties with Mathematics or disliking the subject, fret not as you won’t be the first nor last parent to feel so. With advancements in technology in almost everything, it is with no exception that difficulty levels of Mathematics are advancing too. What was once a tough question may be deemed an easy question now, raising the bar of Math difficulty to a whole new level. However, there is always hope for your child to ace the subject regardless of the difficulty. As the saying goes, “No serious Mathematician finds Math easy” (Thomas A. Garrity). It all derives to hard work, practice and MORE practice.

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The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)

3) Understand the question

Once you understand how to study and remember all the knowledge needed for an exam, you have need to learn how to deal with actual exam questions. Students often know so much about a topic that they actually end up deviating from what the question is really asking. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)

Many find the Humanities to be very tough subjects to study for at “O” levels, mainly due to the sheer number of facts needed to be memorized and applied throughout the syllabus. Here are 5 pro-tips in the next few posts that may work wonders for you in approaching Humanities with distinction in mind! Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)”