Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 2)

Oh, where was I? Ah yes, I mentioned in the last post about how I journeyed through my school days.

The point is not to boast about my academic excellence. What I’m trying to say is firstly, it is possible to go from Fs to As. In the case of my friend, mixing with the right people helped her get motivated to work hard on her Math. Sitting right next to the person who topped the subject in class made her the 2nd best in class. She went from a straight F student to needing only half the time given for the exam to obtain an A1! It is a true story!

Next, look at the people you’re surrounding yourself with. I’m not asking you to abandon your friends if they’re not doing well in school. But if you’re having great difficulty in managing yourself, then mixing with motivated people can help do better. They don’t have to be excellent in academic achievements, but at least they have to be motivated to work hard, so that you have people to race alongside you and get you moving when it gets tough.

Thirdly, stay calm, analyse what went wrong in your academic journey and devise a strategy to help yourself. If it’s because you have difficulty understanding or following the teacher in class, find a classmate who is willing to help you in your work. There are some people who really enjoy peer tutoring, which was my case. I enjoyed tutoring my friends and was ever ready to help, so much so that my schoolmates I do not know came to me for help. If you think you need more help after that, then maybe it’s time to get structured and dedicated help in the form of a tutor.

If it’s because you’re spending too much time on social media or Netflix etc., then maybe it’s time to enforce some discipline. Pass your phone (or other distractors) to your parents and get it back only after you’ve finished all your work for the day!

If you are falling asleep in class, set the clock one hour ahead, so that you’ll sleep earlier, thinking that it’s 2am when it’s 1am. You could make it a point to read your geography textbook in bed at 10pm every night. It helps me fall asleep like a magic pill, every single time. (Eventually, I studied for my Geography paper by squatting on a plastic chair so that I wouldn’t fall asleep, which is another story.) Whatever it is, devise a strategy and make sure you keep to it.

Remember, what you do now will go a log way towards determining what you can do in the future. Working hard now not only ensures you can opt for your dream course in university, it also builds your character, helping you build tenacity, perseverance, discipline and many other strengths that will help give you a brighter, and happier future.

All the best in your study endeavors!



By Tan Hui Ling



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