Study Tips Before The Exams

The examination period is coming up, and this is a stressful period for everyone. It can be overwhelming to think about all the topics you have to cover in such a short period. Having an efficient study system can make it less intimidating. From my experience as a student and talking to my tutees, here are some tips for how to make the most of the week before your exams!

1. Create a study plan, and stick to it

Decide which topics to cover on specific days and give yourself a reasonable amount of time per topic. If you have multiple exams on the same day, try to cover different subject topics each day rather than one subject a day, so as not overwhelm you with too much information from just one subject. Even if you cannot finish what you planned to revise on a certain day, move on. It is better to have a less-than-perfect grasp of every topic than to be an expert in one topic but know nothing about the rest.

2. Be okay with not knowing

You are not expected to know how to work every single question, and you should not expect that of yourself. If you find yourself stuck on a particular topic and do not have enough time to resolve it, simply do your best. Accept that you may not always get it right. However, if you have topics which you are having trouble with, be sure to work on them ahead of your next test or exam!

3. Take breaks

You may feel like you cannot afford to take time off studying, but taking breaks is important to ensure that you are studying effectively! Studying for too long at a time will cause you to be tired and slow down very quickly. That said, do stick to short breaks and get back to studying once your allocated 10-15 minutes break is over.

4. Study with friends

Studying with friends can help you feel more motivated to study, as you can spur each other on, and keep each other accountable! You can take breaks together between periods of studying, which is a good social activity to take your mind away from the exams stress. You can also ask each other questions to clarify concepts. Even if the questions are simple, you can benefit from answering them to ensure you have a go.

Do take mental notes of which methods work best for you and keep improving the methods for every exam. Whatever did not work out this time is not something to feel bad about, but an opportunity for you to refine your approach for next time. You will eventually find a way that works best for you! Good luck!


By Leanne Tan


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