Advancing in Education

In the address in parliament a few months back, Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung outlined Singapore’s next phase of education policies while stressing the need to be wise about “bold changes”

Of particular importance is how Minister Ong has called upon Singaporeans to expand upon our notion of ‘meritocracy’ Read more “Advancing in Education”

Applying Learning To The Real World

MOE announced earlier in 2018 how the Applied Learning Program  (ALP) would be expanded to all Primary Schools in 2023.

The impetus behind this is the growing realisation that content knowledge and logical reasoning alone, is not sufficient to tackle the challenges in our modern workplace. Not that these are not important, but rather, all instances of success and breakthrough in the various markets seem to have been brought about by an innovative application of problem solving skills to address needs of the end-user i.e. the customer, the client, the consumer. Read more “Applying Learning To The Real World”





这是几乎全部的家长都曾经面对的问题。家长常常会觉得自己已经很关心孩子了,为什么孩子的表现依然差强人意。甚至变得越来越不听话。或者在小学阶段就已经很叛逆了。 Read more “小孩的自制能力”