BBC Earth Lab – Tech devices are good for toddlers?

There have always been controversies regarding technology affecting kids in a negative way.

Whether it is exposure to radiation or unsafe content on the internet, most parents are wary of their children using technology. There is certainty wisdom in that.

What we are curious about is whether there are real benefits technology can bring to children, other than occupying their time while we scramble to finish a meal. 

Babies: Their Wonderful World

In November last year, BBC Earth Lab broadcasted a new television series called Babies: Their Wonderful World. In one of their videos titled, “What are the Effects of Tablets and Smartphones on Babies’ Brains?”, the sample study takes into consideration the positive effects technology have on toddlers.

The baby lab study shows a small experiment comparing the fine motor skills of toddlers who have been exposed to tech gadgets with those who have not been exposed.

The result? Toddlers exposed to tech devices have developed better fine motor skills.

In one experiment, the toddlers were asked to draw a straight line. While the non-tech users doodled, the tech users were able to draw lines significantly better.

The next experiment involved stacking blocks. Again, tech users showed promising results. They stacked taller cube blocks as a result of well developed finger dexterity.

Though this baby lab experiment is too small to prove a correlation between tech usage and the development of the fine motor skills in toddlers, it is hard to ignore the stark difference between the tech and non-tech users. 

So while parents worry about how technology could be detrimental to their child’s development, this lab study by BBC should steer us towards using tech for good, rather than a total avoidance of it.

How are your kids using technology? Do share your thoughts here!

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