On The Art of Expression: The Merits of Creative Writing (English)

Most people find no pleasure in writing.

For many, the casual flow of oral conversation seems to elude them once they are tasked with taking thought to pen and paper (or keyboard really, in this day and age). They associate writing with the tedious rigour of academia or the informal and abbreviated conversations online. Thus they express themselves adequately at best and crudely at worst. Read more “On The Art of Expression: The Merits of Creative Writing (English)”

Advancing in Education

In the address in parliament a few months back, Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung outlined Singapore’s next phase of education policies while stressing the need to be wise about “bold changes”

Of particular importance is how Minister Ong has called upon Singaporeans to expand upon our notion of ‘meritocracy’ Read more “Advancing in Education”

Applying Learning To The Real World

MOE announced earlier in 2018 how the Applied Learning Program  (ALP) would be expanded to all Primary Schools in 2023.

The impetus behind this is the growing realisation that content knowledge and logical reasoning alone, is not sufficient to tackle the challenges in our modern workplace. Not that these are not important, but rather, all instances of success and breakthrough in the various markets seem to have been brought about by an innovative application of problem solving skills to address needs of the end-user i.e. the customer, the client, the consumer. Read more “Applying Learning To The Real World”





这是几乎全部的家长都曾经面对的问题。家长常常会觉得自己已经很关心孩子了,为什么孩子的表现依然差强人意。甚至变得越来越不听话。或者在小学阶段就已经很叛逆了。 Read more “小孩的自制能力”

Interview with Tutor Austine Yapp

Austine Yapp, an undergrad tutor from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is a featured tutor on teachnlearn. Austine is currently on a scholarship specialising in computer engineering. Hear about his unexpected journey as a tutor. Read more “Interview with Tutor Austine Yapp”

Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 2)

Oh, where was I? Ah yes, I mentioned in the last post about how I journeyed through my school days.

The point is not to boast about my academic excellence. What I’m trying to say is firstly, it is possible to go from Fs to As. In the case of my friend, mixing with the right people helped her get motivated to work hard on her Math. Sitting right next to the person who topped the subject in class made her the 2nd best in class. She went from a straight F student to needing only half the time given for the exam to obtain an A1! It is a true story!

Read more “Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 2)”

Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)

During my secondary school days, there was this girl in my class who was notorious for some of her misadventures. She was also not only the last in my class in terms of academic results, but she was the 2nd in the whole level, from the back. Read more “Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)”

How to Improve Your Child’s Learning In Maths

How often does your child read a Math question and end up in a scenario like below?

If you noticed that your child is having difficulties with Mathematics or disliking the subject, fret not as you won’t be the first nor last parent to feel so. With advancements in technology in almost everything, it is with no exception that difficulty levels of Mathematics are advancing too. What was once a tough question may be deemed an easy question now, raising the bar of Math difficulty to a whole new level. However, there is always hope for your child to ace the subject regardless of the difficulty. As the saying goes, “No serious Mathematician finds Math easy” (Thomas A. Garrity). It all derives to hard work, practice and MORE practice.

Read more “How to Improve Your Child’s Learning In Maths”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)

3) Understand the question

Once you understand how to study and remember all the knowledge needed for an exam, you have need to learn how to deal with actual exam questions. Students often know so much about a topic that they actually end up deviating from what the question is really asking. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)

Many find the Humanities to be very tough subjects to study for at “O” levels, mainly due to the sheer number of facts needed to be memorized and applied throughout the syllabus. Here are 5 pro-tips in the next few posts that may work wonders for you in approaching Humanities with distinction in mind! Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)”