A Student’s Perspective on E-learning and E-tutoring

I recently graduated from junior college. Throughout my days as a student, I have never utilised tuition to aid my studies as I disliked having to commit to a fixed regular session and commuting to another location weekly. Rather I preferred studying by myself as this gives me greater flexibility and saves time. When I had anything to clarify, I booked consultation slots with my tutors or sought help from my peers. Read more “A Student’s Perspective on E-learning and E-tutoring”

The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 2)

For most students, I think the biggest ‘perk’ of the IP is the absence of ‘O’ levels. Schools offering IP will use the time freed up from preparing for the ‘O’ levels to provide greater breadth in the academic and non-academic curriculum. This fast track programme prepares you for ‘A’ Levels examination by introducing students to higher level topics to set a strong academic foundation. The hope is that this will make JC life easier to cope with. Read more “The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 2)”

The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 1)

What is the hardest decision that most 12-years-old kids must make if residing in Singapore? Chances are that it is choosing the secondary school that they would like to spend the next few years of their lives in. It was for me at least. Graduating from primary school was just a milestone, and the decision of choosing a suitable secondary school put a tremendous amount of pressure on me. The jump from primary to secondary is a major transition, and I had the not the slightest idea of what to expect. Read more “The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 1)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Conquering English Literature (Part 1)

English Literature (EL) is one of the most difficult subjects offered in the ‘O’ Level exam. English Literature also gives students the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the English Language in its purest form. It is an art that illustrates the differing perspectives of the world around us. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Conquering English Literature (Part 1)”