The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)

3) Understand the question

Once you understand how to study and remember all the knowledge needed for an exam, you have need to learn how to deal with actual exam questions. Students often know so much about a topic that they actually end up deviating from what the question is really asking. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)

Many find the Humanities to be very tough subjects to study for at “O” levels, mainly due to the sheer number of facts needed to be memorized and applied throughout the syllabus. Here are 5 pro-tips in the next few posts that may work wonders for you in approaching Humanities with distinction in mind! Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)”

Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin

While English is the main medium of instruction in Singapore, our education system has always prided itself on preparing our students to be effectively bilingual.

Although there is an academic and socio-linguistic debate as to what really constitutes ‘Mother-Tongue’, the importance of being able to speak two or more languages, especially Mandarin in today’s global landscape is becoming a determining factor in creating both academic as well as career/financial opportunities where international job markets are fluid and, multi-lingual. Read more “Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 2)

Practice Makes Perfect (Maths)

Mathematics is a subject you can score well if you practice A LOT. Before you start your practice, you would need to understand the basics of Maths first. Topics such as BODMAS and arithmetic will allow you to understand the elementary rules of Mathematics and apply to more complex topics such as algebra, graphs, differentiation, integration etc. Therefore, improving on Mathematics is a progressive thing whereby the simpler topics will be building blocks for future topics. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 2)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 1)

For the Love of Maths

Mathematics is a subject that students either love or hate. In my opinion, this subject is the cornerstone for every student’s education. Having a foundation in Maths is vital to progress in the education level such as in JC, Poly, ITE and university. Whatever you study or do in future, Maths concepts will be needed. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Mathematics (Part 1)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Conquering English Literature (Part 1)

English Literature (EL) is one of the most difficult subjects offered in the ‘O’ Level exam. English Literature also gives students the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the English Language in its purest form. It is an art that illustrates the differing perspectives of the world around us. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Conquering English Literature (Part 1)”