Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin

While English is the main medium of instruction in Singapore, our education system has always prided itself on preparing our students to be effectively bilingual.

Although there is an academic and socio-linguistic debate as to what really constitutes ‘Mother-Tongue’, the importance of being able to speak two or more languages, especially Mandarin in today’s global landscape is becoming a determining factor in creating both academic as well as career/financial opportunities where international job markets are fluid and, multi-lingual. Read more “Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin”

Why Does My Child Need Tuition When There’s Already Remedial

Modern schools have many ways to help students of varying abilities to cope with their academic workload. Many schools regularly conduct remedial lessons to help their weaker students. The question we are facing now is whether having ‘remedial’ or ‘make-up’ lessons are the same as having ‘tuition’. Let’s take a look at learning in schools and how tutors can serve to reinforce learning. Read more “Why Does My Child Need Tuition When There’s Already Remedial”