Parenting Tips: 5 Things We Can Learn From Japanese Parenting

Japanese children are known to be one of the most independent and well-mannered in the world. It’s possibly every parents dream to have kids who are able to take care of themselves. In Japan, that dream is a normal occurrence.

Japanese parents seem to have found the secret formula to raising their kids well. Here are 5 traits we can learn from them!

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4 Reasons Why Online Tutoring With Us Will Save You Time And Money | Singapore

Welcome back from your holidays!

The schooling season has started once again and everyone is scurrying to prepare for the year ahead.

Whether you’re a parent or a student, finding the right tuition classes can be a daunting task. I too have been at that impasse many times before.

In the past, we would have to search for tuition manually through friends or find their printed ads. Even then, there is still not enough information to discern if the classes are any good

Fortunately, times have changed! As there are sites to compare accommodation online, there are also sites like teachnlearn where you can source for online tutors from the comforts of your home.

Hence, here are 4 reasons why teachnlearn should be your main choice for online tutoring in 2019!

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Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 2)

Oh, where was I? Ah yes, I mentioned in the last post about how I journeyed through my school days.

The point is not to boast about my academic excellence. What I’m trying to say is firstly, it is possible to go from Fs to As. In the case of my friend, mixing with the right people helped her get motivated to work hard on her Math. Sitting right next to the person who topped the subject in class made her the 2nd best in class. She went from a straight F student to needing only half the time given for the exam to obtain an A1! It is a true story!

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Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)

During my secondary school days, there was this girl in my class who was notorious for some of her misadventures. She was also not only the last in my class in terms of academic results, but she was the 2nd in the whole level, from the back. Read more “Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)”

How to Improve Your Child’s Learning In Maths

How often does your child read a Math question and end up in a scenario like below?

If you noticed that your child is having difficulties with Mathematics or disliking the subject, fret not as you won’t be the first nor last parent to feel so. With advancements in technology in almost everything, it is with no exception that difficulty levels of Mathematics are advancing too. What was once a tough question may be deemed an easy question now, raising the bar of Math difficulty to a whole new level. However, there is always hope for your child to ace the subject regardless of the difficulty. As the saying goes, “No serious Mathematician finds Math easy” (Thomas A. Garrity). It all derives to hard work, practice and MORE practice.

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Bilingualism– Gaining Proficiency in Mandarin

While English is the main medium of instruction in Singapore, our education system has always prided itself on preparing our students to be effectively bilingual.

Although there is an academic and socio-linguistic debate as to what really constitutes ‘Mother-Tongue’, the importance of being able to speak two or more languages, especially Mandarin in today’s global landscape is becoming a determining factor in creating both academic as well as career/financial opportunities where international job markets are fluid and, multi-lingual. Read more “Bilingualism– Gaining Proficiency in Mandarin”

Tips To Be A Better Tutor

Before I address the above, I have to mention that I had thoroughly underestimated what makes a good tutor in the past. I have been tutored by two great tutors before, yet I was not aware of the traits they have carried at that time.

One of the few questions I have asked myself after my first tutoring experience was, “Am I cut out for this?”. But after tutoring for five years, I am sure now it is not simply about whether someone can tutor but rather, if that tutor is willing to hone their teaching skills.

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Good Performance VS Good Grades

Good teachers put in great effort into getting their students to achieve good results. However, excellent teachers know that the results, in themselves, are never the goal… They are the by-product of focusing on the right conditions and processes to deliver good performance. Read more “Good Performance VS Good Grades”

Why Does My Child Need Tuition When There’s Already Remedial

Modern schools have many ways to help students of varying abilities to cope with their academic workload. Many schools regularly conduct remedial lessons to help their weaker students. The question we are facing now is whether having ‘remedial’ or ‘make-up’ lessons are the same as having ‘tuition’. Let’s take a look at learning in schools and how tutors can serve to reinforce learning. Read more “Why Does My Child Need Tuition When There’s Already Remedial”