Interview with Tutor Austine Yapp

Austine Yapp, an undergrad tutor from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is a featured tutor on teachnlearn. Austine is currently on a scholarship specialising in computer engineering. Hear about his unexpected journey as a tutor. Read more “Interview with Tutor Austine Yapp”

Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 2)

Oh, where was I? Ah yes, I mentioned in the last post about how I journeyed through my school days.

The point is not to boast about my academic excellence. What I’m trying to say is firstly, it is possible to go from Fs to As. In the case of my friend, mixing with the right people helped her get motivated to work hard on her Math. Sitting right next to the person who topped the subject in class made her the 2nd best in class. She went from a straight F student to needing only half the time given for the exam to obtain an A1! It is a true story!

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Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)

During my secondary school days, there was this girl in my class who was notorious for some of her misadventures. She was also not only the last in my class in terms of academic results, but she was the 2nd in the whole level, from the back. Read more “Every Tutor Was Once a Student (Part 1)”

How to Improve Your Child’s Learning In Maths

How often does your child read a Math question and end up in a scenario like below?

If you noticed that your child is having difficulties with Mathematics or disliking the subject, fret not as you won’t be the first nor last parent to feel so. With advancements in technology in almost everything, it is with no exception that difficulty levels of Mathematics are advancing too. What was once a tough question may be deemed an easy question now, raising the bar of Math difficulty to a whole new level. However, there is always hope for your child to ace the subject regardless of the difficulty. As the saying goes, “No serious Mathematician finds Math easy” (Thomas A. Garrity). It all derives to hard work, practice and MORE practice.

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Removing Distraction Does Not Equate Increased Engagement for Your Child

Several years ago when I was a Subject Head of Physical Education (PE), we were spear-heading a pilot test to be offered as a new examination subject for the GCE ‘O’ Levels in Singapore. I recall discussing with my colleagues an incident that shows how learning and engagement must be seen in a broader perspective i.e. subjects like PE, Art, Design & Technology, should not be seen as ‘filler’ subjects that are of lesser importance; rather as complementary portions of the total curriculum that nurtures the whole child. Read more “Removing Distraction Does Not Equate Increased Engagement for Your Child”

Conversation with Tutor Jasmine Wan

Jasmine Wan, graduated from the University of London, majoring Accounting & Finance. She started teaching while studying in university and has been an educator for 11 years. Many of her students “grew up” with her, often from primary school through graduation! Read more “Conversation with Tutor Jasmine Wan”

Interview with Tutor Gerald

Gerald is a language and communication maverick. With 9 years of teaching experience and a well-rounded professional background in marketing and accounting, Gerald will share some stories from his years of teaching.

How did you start teaching?

My journey started when I was in junior college. I was doing only “okay” for my General Paper and generally uninterested in that subject. With the help of a patient teacher, I gained confidence in crafting logical arguments which resulted in an “A” for my A-Levels! That sparked my interest in teaching and the rest is history.

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Interview with Tutor Andrea

Andrea is a former MOE teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience in both government and private institutions. She has taught over 700 students in the past decade. Under her tutelage, many of Andrea’s students achieved a 2-3 grade improvement. Here’s our interview with Andrea. Read more “Interview with Tutor Andrea”