The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)

3) Understand the question

Once you understand how to study and remember all the knowledge needed for an exam, you have need to learn how to deal with actual exam questions. Students often know so much about a topic that they actually end up deviating from what the question is really asking. Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 2)”

The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)

Many find the Humanities to be very tough subjects to study for at “O” levels, mainly due to the sheer number of facts needed to be memorized and applied throughout the syllabus. Here are 5 pro-tips in the next few posts that may work wonders for you in approaching Humanities with distinction in mind! Read more “The ‘O’ Level Series: Pro-tips for Humanities Exams (Part 1)”

The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 2)

For most students, I think the biggest ‘perk’ of the IP is the absence of ‘O’ levels. Schools offering IP will use the time freed up from preparing for the ‘O’ levels to provide greater breadth in the academic and non-academic curriculum. This fast track programme prepares you for ‘A’ Levels examination by introducing students to higher level topics to set a strong academic foundation. The hope is that this will make JC life easier to cope with. Read more “The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 2)”

The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 1)

What is the hardest decision that most 12-years-old kids must make if residing in Singapore? Chances are that it is choosing the secondary school that they would like to spend the next few years of their lives in. It was for me at least. Graduating from primary school was just a milestone, and the decision of choosing a suitable secondary school put a tremendous amount of pressure on me. The jump from primary to secondary is a major transition, and I had the not the slightest idea of what to expect. Read more “The Integrated Programme (IP) (Part 1)”

Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin

While English is the main medium of instruction in Singapore, our education system has always prided itself on preparing our students to be effectively bilingual.

Although there is an academic and socio-linguistic debate as to what really constitutes ‘Mother-Tongue’, the importance of being able to speak two or more languages, especially Mandarin in today’s global landscape is becoming a determining factor in creating both academic as well as career/financial opportunities where international job markets are fluid and, multi-lingual. Read more “Bilingualism– Gaining proficiency in Mandarin”

Tech Is Transforming How We Learn

For many years, online learning was seen as an lesser alternative to in-person education. This is certainly no longer the case. A recent survey of 1,500 students enrolled in online education found that eighty-six percent believe their online courses are “as good or better than attending courses on campus.”

What has caused this momentous shift in the perception of online learning?

Read more “Tech Is Transforming How We Learn”

Interview with Syafiq: Learning Tip #1



We recently asked teachnlearn Featured Tutor Mr. Syafiq for some tips that students can use to help prepare for exams and excel academically. In this tip, Mr. Syafiq discusses the “two phases” of learning.

The first phase involves understanding content and memorizing materials. This is certainly a crucial step in building student’s knowledge of a subject, but Mr. Syafiq says that students must also be able to apply the content that they have learned.

Learning to apply content is the second phase of learning, and is  a skill that is critical for success, as “most questions in the exam involve application,” said Mr. Syafiq. It is also a skill that is best improved with consistent practice. By working through a variety of questions, students will be comfortable applying their knowledge to any question that exams can throw at them!

While the first phase learning is something that students are often able to do on their own, experienced tutors like Mr. Syafiq can help students that are struggling with the second phase.