Tips To Be A Better Tutor

Before I address the above, I have to mention that I had thoroughly underestimated what makes a good tutor in the past. I have been tutored by two great tutors before, yet I was not aware of the traits they have carried at that time.

One of the few questions I have asked myself after my first tutoring experience was, “Am I cut out for this?”. But after tutoring for five years, I am sure now it is not simply about whether someone can tutor but rather, if that tutor is willing to hone their teaching skills.

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Interview with Tutor Gerald

Gerald is a language and communication maverick. With 9 years of teaching experience and a well-rounded professional background in marketing and accounting, Gerald will share some stories from his years of teaching.

How did you start teaching?

My journey started when I was in junior college. I was doing only “okay” for my General Paper and generally uninterested in that subject. With the help of a patient teacher, I gained confidence in crafting logical arguments which resulted in an “A” for my A-Levels! That sparked my interest in teaching and the rest is history.

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Interview with Tutor Andrea

Andrea is a former MOE teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience in both government and private institutions. She has taught over 700 students in the past decade. Under her tutelage, many of Andrea’s students achieved a 2-3 grade improvement. Here’s our interview with Andrea. Read more “Interview with Tutor Andrea”

Good Performance VS Good Grades

Good teachers put in great effort into getting their students to achieve good results. However, excellent teachers know that the results, in themselves, are never the goal… They are the by-product of focusing on the right conditions and processes to deliver good performance. Read more “Good Performance VS Good Grades”

Secrets to Performing Better For Your Exams: Part 2

During The Examination

Now that you have prepared yourself for the examination, it is time for you to execute the strategies you have planned. Here are some strategies that may be useful in the examination hall:

  1. At your desk

As you wait for the examination to start, utilise the spare time to prepare and arrange the necessary stationery you will need instead of searching for them during the examination. This will help you save time. In addition, use the time to relax by taking deep breathes and visualising the marks you aim to achieve in the examination. This technique of visualisation is used by many top athletes to keep them focused on their task ahead of them.

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Secrets to Performing Better For Your Exams: Part 1

You have studied hard and studied smart. Now we head to the front line of the war zone: The Examination Hall. Here are some preparation guidelines and examination hall tips for you to perform better during the examinations:

Pre-examination Success Tips

  1. Revise consistently

Never plan to keep your revision to the last few days or weeks before the examinations. Start early and pace yourself throughout the semester. If you are considering to spot questions, I highly recommend you to avoid that. Try to cover every topic at least once.

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Why Does My Child Need Tuition When There’s Already Remedial Lessons?

Modern schools have many ways to help students of varying abilities to cope with their academic workload. Many schools regularly conduct remedial lessons to help their weaker students. The question we are facing now is whether having ‘remedial’ or ‘make-up’ lessons are the same as having ‘tuition’. 

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Secondary Students: Tips for Studying (Part 2)

In the previous post on study tips, I shared on the first seven tips to improve on your studying techniques. In this post, I will share another six tips to help you with your revision!

  1. Reading beyond the syllabus

Simply memorizing the textbook is not enough, it is also a bad idea too. There is always more information on a certain subject. Gaining more of such information on it will help you expand your bank of information, allowing you to apply it more efficiently during your assessments

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Secondary Students: Tips for Studying (Part 1)

For many, studying can seem like its own dreaded subject. Some students believe they can do well without reviewing their materials. Others study hard yet do poorly or underperform. Here are some simple and proven tips to overcome obstacles when it comes to studying.


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Should Your Child Have Online Tuition?

The internet has truly ushered in a new era of globalization. As a result, the world is more connected than ever before. We are all beneficiaries of this technology. Think  of Google, Grab, and Airbnb! What about Deliveroo or Food Panda? Did you imagine just two years ago that you would be having your meals delivered to your doorstep? Read more “Should Your Child Have Online Tuition?”